Medical products

Plastic materials developed for medical technology

Plastic materials specially developed for medical technology, with approvals according to USP and ISO 10993-1, in the form of granulates and semi-finished products are the raw materials for the production of implants and components for surgical instruments, as well as medical instruments and apparatus.


Finished parts

are produced, tested and cleaned by Cellpack according to precisely defined specifications. for example

  • Components for instruments, among others, from POM-C, PEI, PES,  PSU, PPSU, PC, PP-HS, PEEK
  • Joint implants from PE-UHMW Chirulen
  • Spinal implants from PEEK Optima
  • Manipulatin part from POM-C, PPSU, PEEK
  • Cases for implants from PPSU

Our well trained and qualified employees work according to the specifications of ISO 13485 (quality management system for medical products) and take on the responsibility of providing the customer with a perfect product.

Qualified and documented production processes

Through the qualification of the individual process steps, we ensure that only the most suitable areas, machines and processes will be used for the production and quality control of medical products; including the marking, cleaning and packaging of the products.

The documentation of each individual process step from the batch-managed semi-finished products up to the packaged finished part ensures safety, and guarantees a documented traceability of each customer order carried out, down to the raw material used.

Cellpack Plastics Technology has the know-how for the production of finished parts or can supply you the most suitable semi-finished products for your application.

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