Industrial products

A wide range of different plastic materials

A wide range of different plastic materials are available for the countless applications in the different sectors. Depending on the specific requirement profile, different materials and production processes will be used.

Chemistry and laboratory technology

In chemistry and laboratory technology and in the foodstuff sector, it is above all characteristics such as the high resistance to chemicals and the physiological suitability of a plastic that are the decisive factors.

Electronics and electro-technology

In electronics and electro-technology, outstanding electrical insulation characteristics are demanded above all.

Mechanical engineering and drive technology


In the mechanical engineering and drive technology sectors, rollers, gearwheels and slide bearings with high mechanical characteristics and very good wear and sliding properties are of great importance.

Further industrial usage


Aviation and space travel, traffic, automation and metrology, hydraulics and fittings, etc. are further areas in which our plastics and modules fulfill their design functions.

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