plastic finished parts

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From the processing of the quotation and the order  through the production and cleaning and up to delivery, highly qualified employees ensure that the customer receives a qualitatively perfect product within the quoted delivery time.

Production methods

The metal cutting process permits an economic production of prototypes up to large series production. We produce according to the drawings, regulations and specifications of our customers. The production of precision parts takes place on state-of-the-art CNC machines.

Assembly work

  • The pressing-in of bearings, threaded bushings, etc.
  • The assembly of entire modules
  • Testing of systems and modules (e.g., sealing)
  • Welding, gluing and pressing
  • Customer-specific packaging and labelling

Important additional and pre-treatment processes

  • Tempering, conditioning
  • Colouring, lacquering
  • Marking, embossing, engraving
  • Surface treatment (e.g., glass beads)
  • Laser marking 



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