Bircher Reglomat | 26.09.16

Extension of the CoverLine
product line

Bircher Reglomat introduces the new safety edge profile CoverLine EPE040/067A0J

Bircher Reglomat | 18.08.16


The new colour variant for CareMat

Bircher Reglomat | 29.06.16

Innovation of PrimeTec installation set

Now IP65-certified and therefore water-jet proof

Welcome to Bircher Reglomat AG

Bircher Reglomat is a producer and international supplier of safety and sensor systems for automatic doors and gates. In addition, Bircher Reglomat develops and produces innovative solutions in the realms of safety edges and touch-sensitive switch mats to secure machines and forklifts, as well as safety elements in elderly care. Long-term, cooperative customer relationships and our large service and sales network form the basis of our success.

  • Loop detectors and safety edges

    Loop detectors and safety edges ensure reliable opening and safe closing of site sliding gates and panel gates worldwide.

  • Swing Door

    Detectors from Bircher Reglomat provide reliable activation and protection of revolving doors, and thus ensure an optimum flow of people.

  • Security at folding doors

    Our safety edges and wireless transmission systems enable type-tested safety on folding doors.

  • Sensor technology in rail transport

    In railway applications, our detectors ensure safe door operation in a demanding environment.

  • Sliding door

    Using activation detectors, Bircher Reglomat opens automatic sliding doors worldwide, and guarantees optimum protection for people by means of contact-free safety detectors.

  • Safety also on the side door area

    Presence detectors from Bircher Reglomat optimally safeguard the door area to the side of automatic sliding doors.

  • Loop detectors for barriers

    Loop detectors on barriers and bollards ensure reliable opening and safety worldwide.

  • Automatic sectional gates

    Activation and safety detectors from Bircher Reglomat ensure protection and convenience worldwide in automatic sectional gates.

  • Safety mats for industrial trucks

    Safety mats for safe and confortable control of your forklift trucks.

  • CareMat® detector mat

    The CareMat® is a pressure-sensitive detector mat for persons with dementia and who are prone to falls.

  • Safety mat for protected industrial areas

    The safety mat; monitored electric surface switch for optimum protection of machines which are not allowed to be accessible during operation.

  • Safety presence detectors

    Presence detectors from Bircher Reglomat ensure safe operation of revolving doors.

  • Sensor technology in buses

    Our easily implementable detectors in buses ensure that the doors stay open when they are supposed to.

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